Friday, November 01, 2013

Witty Title Goes Here

I sort of miss this blog.

Actually, I think I miss having the free time to blog. 

But here it is:  November 1.

And I realized it's been, what?  Eight years almost to the day that I started this blog?

Since November is the month of mustaches,  novel writing and marathon sweater knitting, I thought maybe I'd try blogging once a day for the month.

I downloaded the blogger app to my phone, as I don't get much time on the computer (Chunky is a Minecraft addict) so I'll have no excuse to miss a day. 

My grammar may suffer from typing via the phone, and I can't guarantee more than scrappy cell pictures...but hey, it's worth a shot.

I'll leave you with a crappy cell phone pic.  This is what I came home (late) to.

Chunky and a sleepy Baby Sister. 

And yes, Chunky broke the same arm he did 25 months ago.  This time it was his ulna and radius (not his elbow), and yes this also required surgery and three pins to set back in place.  My gray-hair child!



Blogger Alisha said...

As I have been reading and catching up I was thinking holy cow this gal has blogged forever!!!

Your one of my favs Bezzie! I am so glad to see you back here. I totally hear you on the time to blog. I am blogging about stuff from September for heavens sake. Crazy.

I hope life continues to allow you time here!

Cute picture and get that boy some bubble wrap stat!!!!!!

7:43 PM  

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